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I agree to the ThOneSpy Terms of Service.
I understand that physical access to target phone is required to install TheOneSpy.
TheOneSpy software is developed to serve the purpose of ethical supervision for parents wishing to supervise the activities of their underage wards or for employers wishing to supervise their employee-base, but having express, on-paper consent. The purchaser of the TheOneSpy Application must either be the owner of the cellphone or has on-paper consent from their wards or employees which would grant them authority to supervise their activities before they are able to install, download or enable the TheOneSpy Monitoring software onto the particular cellphone. TheOneSpy service should not be put to use as a means of spying or stalking virtually anyone. TheOneSpy software should not be subjected to monitoring the cellphone of any other person in the end-user’s social circle, including their children over 18 years without their express, on-paper permission.

A Reliable Parental Monitoring App With 250 Exciting Features

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